Students – Student Technical Director

*Note: One or two student technical directors will be appointed annually and will hold that job for the remainder of the year. Larger shows may require additional student technical directors, but most productions will be overseen by the year-long student technical director(s).

Reports To: Director

This person should:

  • Be very responsible and organized
  • Attend rehearsals and accessible to the cast and crew as much as possible
  • Be knowledgeable about technical equipment and operations
  • Be experienced in the mechanism of a production
  • Communicate effectively


  • Make sure all equipment and supplies are available and operational
  • Oversee the lighting and sound equipment
  • Teach other technicians about equipment and operations
  • Ensure building is clean and in working order
  • Deal with day-to-day technical issues
  • Organizing strike in cooperation with stage manager
  • Non-drama production management and logistics

Time Commitment:

  •  All dress rehearsals and crew work days
  •  Production meetings
  •  Must be at opening/closing nights at least

Dress Code:

  •  Dress blacks during the production

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