Students – Stage Manager

Reports To: The Director


  • Good communication
  • Patient
  • Leadership
  • Organized
  • Detail-oriented
  • Experience in technical theater


  • Post tech crew sign-ups when auditions start
  • Assist director with auditions by collecting paperwork and answering questions
  • Set up deadlines with the director for designers and crew heads
  • Give crew heads crew names and contact info
  • Go to every rehearsal starting with the read through
  • Take notes during rehearsals regarding cues, props, costumes etc,
  • Hold weekly production meetings with crew heads to discuss progress and new developments
  • Throughout the production maintain an accurate crew list and send it to the council Secretary
  • Collect paperwork from crew heads
  • Make sure crew heads are getting their work done on time
  • Run a paper tech to write cues in your script
  • Run a shift rehearsal to coordinate shifts
  • Run a cue-to-cue with crew and actors
  • Call cues for all dress rehearsals and shows
  • Organize strike

Time Commitment:

  • Hold weekly production meetings
  • Preparation: 12-15 hours a week
  • Tech week: 25-30 hours a week
  • Attend auditions, all rehearsals, tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and shows

Dress Code:

  • Dress blacks during productions

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