Students – Producer

Job Description – Student Producer

Reports To: The Director and will work with the Alliance President

This person should:

  • Be very responsible and organized
  • Attend rehearsals
  • Be accessible to the cast and crew as much as possible
  • Collect all forms and money from the cast and crew
  • Work with parent volunteers to handle ticket needs and orders
  • Keep a cast and crew contact list
  • Keep clear records
  • Turn in forms and money to correct people on time


  •  Publicity:
  •  Arrange for t-shirt printing and distribution
  • Poster and program printing through PUBS
  • Poster distribution
  • Order and hang banners
  • Order sign for Black Mountain Road
  • Create excitement for the show among students
  • Create Facebook event and invite students, staff, and alumni
  •  Create production Facebook group and invite all Cast and Crew members
  •  Collect and manage all forms and money that come in from students and parents, including:
  •  Fair Share
  • Silent Auction Donations
  • T-Shirt orders
  • Lunchtime ticket sales
  • Keep clear records of all transactions
  • Handle phone orders with finance office
  •  Make arrangements to place order forms in front office
  •  Set up lunch time sales for week of shows
  •  Order cash box from Finance Office Friday before first week of sales, to be picked up at the beginning of lunch and dropped off at the end of lunch each day. A deposit will be made each Friday.
  •  Prepare and distribute T-shirt order forms; deposit collected money to the finance office

Time Commitment:

  •  Two or more days a week after school between casting and production week
  • Will be busier two weeks prior to the show
  •  Production meetings
  •  Must be at every performance in the lobby or wherever needed

Dress Code:

  •  Formal dress during the production

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