Students – House Manager

Reports to: Producer

This person should:

  • Be very responsible and organized
  • Be accessible to the cast and crew as needed
  • Work with Alliance
  • Be in the lobby for all the shows to help the Alliance members as needed


  •  Lobby Decorations and Set-up:
  •  Put the cast and crew pictures on backing with name tags to go in the lobby
  • Purchase and place decorations in lobby
  • Work with parent volunteers
  •  Place two tables for concessions
  • Ushers:
  •  For each night you will need to find up to 10 student volunteers
  • They must dress nicely in black and white (black pants with white shirts are preferred – guys can wear black ties)
  • They must be able to come at call time and collect ticket stubs, hand out programs, show people to their seats (if there is reserved seating), answer questions, sell opportunity basket tickets and concessions at intermission, and hold the doors for guests as they enter and leave
  •  Lobby Management:
  •  Order cash box from Finance Office the first week and pick it up each show day by 4pm
  •  Ready lobby every day by 5:00 pm; ensure that it is clean and audience-ready
  •  Place one will call table outside
  •  Place two concession tables outside
  •  Place 4 – 7 tables in lobby for opportunity drawing
  •  Count and deposit money each night after the show starts (a parent volunteer must count as well)

Time Commitment:

  •  One or more days a week after school between casting and production week
  •  Will be busier two weeks prior to the show
  •  Production Meetings

Dress Code:

  •  Formal dress during the shows

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