Students – Hair and Makeup Crew Head

Reports to: Stage Manager

This person should be:

  • Very responsible and organized
  • Experienced with hair and makeup techniques
  • Familiar with stage makeup and special effects


  • Research the background of the play or musical
  • Draw out a face plan for each of the leads with the products to be used
  • Work with the costume designer to make sure the hair and makeup go with the costumes
  • Purchase cosmetics and hair accessories
    • Must get the cost pre-approved
  • Keep an inventory of all the products
  • Work with the hair and makeup crew when you are designing the face plans
  • If wigs are used, make sure there are wig caps, and the wigs are taken care of during and between shows
  • Make sure there are enough products for all actors at all times
  • Keep green room and supplies clean and organize
  • Divide and assign tasks to crew

Time Commitment:

  •  Attend a few rehearsals to see the cast in action
  • Production Meetings
  • Must be at every dress rehearsal
  • Must be at every performance at call time until the end of the show

Dress Code:

  •  All black clothes with closed toed shoes that stay on your feet during the production.

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