Students – Costume Designer/Crew Head

Reports to: Stage Manager and Adult Costume advisor (if applicable)

This person should:

  • Be very responsible and organized
  • Have previous sewing experience
  • Be comfortable with stage costumes


  • Research the background of the play or musical and the time period
  • Research costume ideas
  • Meet with the production team to discuss costume plans and coordinate them with the set, lighting, choreography, hair and makeup, and director’s wishes
  • Budget well to costume the whole cast (and possibly some crew)
  • Select costumes from the costume room
  • Have a general costume plan for the ensemble.
  • Get measurements for each cast member who requires a custom costume
  • Prepare scene-by-scene plan for costume changes
  • Procure costume pieces (costumes can be rented, purchased, or built according to needs)
    • Get approval for all expenses prior to purchasing
  • Keep an inventory of all used costumes
  • Organize costume fittings
  • Prepare a “costume needs” form for each cast member at least 3 weeks before the opening
  • Ensure that actors know that shoes/socks, undergarments, accessories and other items will not be provided by the costume room
  • Sew and repair costumes as needed using hand techniques or a sewing machine

Time Commitment:

  •  Attend a few rehearsals to see the cast in action
  • Production Meetings
  • Must be at every dress rehearsal
  • Must be at every performance
  • Must check costume pieces before leaving the theater

Dress Code:

  • Full blacks with completely black, closed-toed shoes

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