Students – Cast Member

Reports To: Theatre Director and Student Assistant Director

This person should:

  • Be at rehearsals and all call times at least five minutes prior to time called
  • Be responsible for costumes, props and microphones


  •  Let Assistant Director know about conflicts
  •  Learn lines, songs, dances, and blocking as needed for your role
  •  Follow directions for entrance, exits, blocking, costuming, props, hair & makeup
  •  Bring in any costume pieces, shoes, underclothes and accessories that are required for your part
  •  Keep the dressing room neat with clothes hung up, makeup put away and your personal items out of the way
  •  Keep props on the prop table
  •  Take care of your microphone or other equipment

During rehearsals and performances:

  • No talking backstage
  • No food or sugary/open drinks (capped water bottles are okay)
  • No standing in the wings
  • Refrain from touching props that are not yours/immediately needed
  • Be respectful to fellow cast members and to the technical crew
  • Do not sit on the sets unless directed

Time Commitment:

  •  2 or more hours a day after school between casting and production week
  •  Be at all rehearsals to which you are called, plus all dress rehearsals, cue to cue and dry tech
  •  Be at all shows

Dress Code:

  •  Costume, hair and makeup as required for you role

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