A LOT of people are needed to make a successful production, and whether you’re on stage, in the sound booth, or in the lobby, everybody can get involved..

A list of all of the positions and a general number needed per production for each is below. Larger or smaller productions may require more or fewer crew members. See each production’s Auditions and Tech Crew pages for more information.

Every position requires an application and a signed Letter of Understanding, which outlines your duties and responsibilities. You’ll also need a parent’s signature.

Try one or try them all! Every job has a description, and training is provided. Click on a job title to see its description.

Assistant Director

Cast Members


House Manager

Ushers – 8

Technical Director and Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers -2

Lighting Designer

Lighting Crew Head

Lighting Crew – 2 or 3

Sound Designer

Sound Crew Head

Sound Crew – 2 or 3

Set Designer and Set Crew Head

Set Crew – many

Costume Designer/Costume Crew Head

Costume Crew – 4 or 5

Hair and Makeup Designer/Crew Head

Hair and Makeup Crew – 5 or 6

Props Crew Head

Props Crew – 4

Dance Captain (spring musical)


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