Westview Theatre Alliance

The Westview Theatre Alliance is the volunteer, parent-run support organization for the Westview Theatre Company.

The Alliance consists of a board, the Westview drama director, and student board leaders. Meetings are held monthly, and are open to all parents and students.

Email WVTheatreCo@gmail.com for the next Alliance meeting time and location.

Alliance meeting topics include individual production support and publicity, finances and fund raising, facilities funding and upkeep, parent involvement, and student welfare.

Board positions are filled after the spring quarter and as needed. A list of the current board members and their positions are listed below. Click on the position name for a role description.

2013-2014 Westview Theatre Alliance

Click linked job names to download a PDF job description.

Director (non-parent board position) Chris Wollman
Artistic Director (non-parent board position) Kristen Nevarez
President Laurie Reinbold
Jim Moody
Secretary Debbie Russo
Ways & Means Ronda Chapman
Publicity OPEN
Communications Carla Moody
Webmaster Joe Stone
Ticketing/Box Office Jim Moody
Volunteer Coordinator Erin Clarke
Concessions / Star Grams Laurie Haupt
Lobby Manager / Tech Week Dinners Elyse Stone
Opportunity Baskets
Heather Slavey
Drama Banquet
Tech Appreciation Banquet
Graphic Design (student position) OPEN
CETA and Fullerton Trip Coordinator Kari Dahlquist-Evans

Contact Alliance members by email at  WVTheatreCo@gmail.com.


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